Qwik Print a commercial printer in Owen Sound, ON produces a wide range of printed advertising materials.

Is Printed Advertising Relevant?

Printed advertising continues to have relevance in an era of electronic communication. In fact, it remains one of the most effective means to reach target market groups in specific regions, demographic profiles and businesses.

Large or Small Quantity?

Large quantities are still required when doing large mail campaigns but for most small businesses, the quantities are less than what they used to be. Of these, the most common print advertising tools you will need are brochures, business cards and sell sheets.

Our digital press is perfect for this type of work where high quality 4-colour output is required, usually in small quantities and with fast turn-around. Printing at press quality with none of the time-consuming setup and typical 24-48 hour production cycles means you can get what you need, quickly and well priced.