Roll Labels

High-quality labels can define your product and increase off-shelf sales. Food products now require full nutritional information.

Roll labels make it easy to apply branding to products and required for products sold commercially. We provide both attention-getting design and printing on paper and vinyl substrates. Labels are on rolls for easy dispensing.

Gloss Finish

Paper/Finish:  Paper, White Vinyl, Clear Vinyl, BOPP Vinyl – White, Clear, Silver. With or without AQ or UV top coat.
(Paper labels are not suitable for outdoor use.)

Colour: 4-Colour or Black

Options: wind position Top, Bottom, Left or Right. Perforation separator. Specific count per roll.

Quantities: 50 to 50,000 (larger quantities available)

Finished sizeS available: Any size from as small as .5″ square to a maximum length/width of 12″. There are numerous standard shapes – round, oval, square and rectangular. 

Turnaround: 4-5 Business Days

Accepted File Type: PDF, EPS