Prepress is the process of getting artwork ready to print. Although you may think your files are suitable there are number of common problems embedded in files or aspects of the design that can mar the final result or cause your files to be rejected. Prepress services detect these problems and where possible we apply corrections. The extent of the corrections largely depend on the file type you submit.

PDF File Submission

PDF is the most reliable and preferred means by which to submit your work for printing. Modifications to these files are directed to fixing errors in the PDF file and preparing it to run correctly. These changes do not affect the content of the document – you can’t correct spelling, change the colour of a photo, etc.

Original Artwork

If you cannot generate a suitable PDF file or one which can be easily corrected, we may recommend that you submit the original artwork/document. Many design programs allow you to “package” a document which includes the source files as well as linked photos and fonts. If this is not possible, you must submit these with your document, preferably in a single Zip file which we can unpack.