Legal & Accounting

Legal, accounting and other confidential documents require careful attention, not a job you want to send to a regular copy shop or big-box store.


All documents are copied in separate rooms away from public eyes and handled by staff that understand confidentiality. All originals are returned to the source and any discard copies are shredded.


Legal documents for court can be especially large and complex. Because they need to be bound, considerable time is required to punch pages and assemble these documents. Our high-speed copiers are considerably faster than any office machines and now include in-line page punching for Cerlox, Wire-D and Spiral binding. We commonly offer 1-2 turnaround time for these documents.

Cost Effective

With prices starting at .11¢ a page (less for higher volumes) including the cost of document punching, most legal offices cannot save money by doing it themselves when you consider the cost of labour, paper and click rates.

Document Assembly

We are experienced in assembling court documents which can have dozens of tabs and can span several volumes. We maintain an inventory of tab sets and dividers in both alpha and numeric. Documents are assembled at a standard hourly rate not on a per unit basis which translates into the lowest price for you.