Our automated processes make it cost-effective to print small quantities and simply reorder more when you need them. This reduces your initial expense and allows for revisions or updates to be made – something you don’t want to do if you have printed hundreds or thousands.

Typical quantities: 25 – 500


Square Fold Stitched Books

This automated binding system produces books as small as 4 x 5” up to 9 x 12” in a one-step process that assembles the entire book, folds, stiches and edge-trims the final product. It is suitable for books up to 72 pages.

The square-fold feature results in a square spine that looks more professional and is much more durable. Two-point stapling is almost invisible on dark covers.

Cover weights can be up to 12pt – 285gsm.

Square D and Cerlox Binding

This binding process is suitable for books up to 150 pages and even larger for Cerlox. Pages are punched and the binding attached manually. This is especially good for manuals or books that you want to lay “flat”.

The finishing features on our printer allow for automated punching of pages in either of these formats for standard letter-size pages.

Cover weights can be up to 12pt – 285gsm.

Stitched Books

Folded books up to 100 pages can be stitched manually.

Cover weights can be up to 12pt – 285gsm.