Graphic Design

Our services cover the gamut of creative and graphic design services and are geared to the specific needs of our customers. Whether you like to do it yourself and just need some help or want a new concept developed we can help you. Even when designs are created with professional software and by professionals, it may not be ready to run on a press or optimize features of the equipment.

Do It Yourselfers

You are in this category you likely prefer to design with Publisher, Word or similar common desktop software. Not the best graphic design programs but suitable for simple office needs and small projects. Customers frequently have problems generating print-ready files, converting to PDF and general layout issues and need our help to right these problems.

Our services are:

  • Fix the original files in the program you are using.
  • Convert documents into PDF and make necessary corrections.
  • Redesign the work in AI, Indesign or other according to the sample you have provided.
  • Make it press-ready.
Template Designs

There are many on-line services such as Canva that allow you to design your project using one of their easily editable templates. These programs allow work to be exported into a PDF format which should be close to print-ready. These services are great when the project does not require a completely original design and falls into a standard category such as poster, business card or brochure. The major advantages of this approach is that you get a professional-looking design without a lot of work or cost.

  • Fix a design you have created and generate export files.
  • Create a new design based on one of the service templates.
  • Generate print-ready documents.

Custom Design

We offer a complete graphic design service that goes from initial concept to completed artwork for use in print, signage and web platforms. Projects are completed by in-house designers wherever possible although we may use a qualified freelancer that has a specific skill we require.

  • Concept development
  • Graphic design using AI or InDesign
  • Production of branding kits and design guidelines
  • Prepress and make-ready services
  • Project management

Design Applications

There are dozens of applications for graphic design and we have done most of them. If you have a project in mind, provide a creative brief or project outline and we will provide an estimate. Project can be priced as a per-hour service or a contracted total.

  • Advertising and promotional materials
  • Logos and branding elements
  • Brand standards
  • Book & cover design
  • Magazines and trade publications
  • Digital media graphics
  • Signage and large format
  • Package design

We have an extensive portfolio of past work available for viewing at our office.