Art & Reproductions

We offer a variety of services to turn original work into high-quality reproductions suitable for sale. There are several reasons why you may consider digital printing versus other methods of printing.

Colour Accuracy

No one wants a washed out copy or one that’s too dark or has distorted colours. Our digital print process and on-the-fly colour correction capability allows us to match your original artwork without the need to submit multiple colour-corrected versions.

Simply provide us an accurate, colour-corrected original (when submitting digital) and we can make adjustments to the exposure value, colour balance and vibrance to get the best reproduction quality on the paper of your choice

Coated or Non-Coated Stock

We have several paper options for producing reproductions – matte finish to super-gloss and weights up to 300gsm (120-lb cover). Although smooth finish papers offer the best reproduction quality, some textured papers can also be used.


Digital printing offers exceptionally high resolution and because it is a dry process, colour does not bleed into the paper which can “soften” the final image. This is especially important when printing to a matte paper or porous surface.


The expected lifespan of any reproduction depends on the method of production and the material on which it is printed. Digital printing is a dry, heat process that does not leave paper-eroding residues to leach into the paper. The projected lifespan of images in normal light is 85+ years, equivalent to Giclée and litho prints. Digital prints are not susceptible to damage from moisture as is the case with Inkjet prints which require some form of surface treatment after printing unless placed behind glass.

Other Services

Image Scanning

Original artworks on paper (watercolor, drawings, prints) up to 11 x 17” can be scanned at up to 1200 dpi exceeding the results obtained through photography. These digital images can be colour corrected, sharpened and enhanced using PhotoShop or other programs. The final images are provided to customers for use in other projects.


Larger artworks can be photographed using a high-resolution camera (18 – 21mp) under controlled light, colour corrected & sharpened to create an accurate reproduction. To create super-large prints (5 x 8’) we can further enlarge these images using custom software. The final images are provided to customers for use in other projects.