Elizabeth Sander – Landscape Artist

Elizabeth Sander is an Owen Sound area landscape artist. Her oil paintings include windswept Georgian Bay shorelines, rugged wilderness and more delicate studies of flora. Her series of water-lily studies contain an abstract element which allows them to be appreciated simply on the basis of color and form. Elizabeth maintains a studio/gallery space just north of the city and is open by appointment. She has a wide selection of pieces that are the result of 20 years of work as an artist.

Heidi Berger – Artist’s Catalogue

Heidi Berger is an Owen Sound artist who has traveled the world in search of her subject matter. Her unique mixed-media works on paper and canvas are evocative of the places that she has visited and people she has met – both young and old. Her straight on head and shoulder studies are less formal than traditional portraits and like the compositions of people involved in everyday activities they have a transitory feel, as if these are fleeting moments in their lives.

7 Deadly Mistakes of Restaurant Menu Design

The following is a list of some of the most common mistakes associated with the initial design and updating of your restaurant menu. They are easily avoidable and many are common sense. Call for help on the design and printing of your next menu.  Hand-written changes on the menu. Digital printing allows for quick and inexpensive menu updates so it is better to reprint when making pricing changes or discontinuing items. Not only is it time consuming making manual changes, it always looks “last minute” and adversely affects the look. Misspelled… Read More

The Designer Diner – New Service

Design ideas for your restaurant. The Technology Centre offers a variety of services aimed at meeting the specific needs or restaurants and caterers. Digital printing, high quality layout and graphics can make your menus, table talkers and other printed items stand out. Here are some key reasons for considering us for your print materials.

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