Making Print Interactive

QR Codes can turn a printed brochure into an interactive advertising piece that sends additional traffic to your web site,

Trans-Promo Marketing

Turn invoices into unique selling opportunities for your business.

7 Deadly Mistakes of Restaurant Menu Design

The following is a list of some of the most common mistakes associated with the initial design and updating of your restaurant menu. They are easily avoidable and many are common sense. Call for help on the design and printing of your next menu.  Hand-written changes on the menu. Digital printing allows for quick and inexpensive menu updates so it is better to reprint when making pricing changes or discontinuing items. Not only is it time consuming making manual changes, it always looks “last minute” and adversely affects the look. Misspelled… Read More

Digital Signage

The Technology Centre is partnering with Nerds On Site to provide digital signage options for local business.

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