It’s Election Time

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And what’s an election without some signs to put your name and face in front of people. But before you do there are a few things to consider when you design that sign.

  • Create your design at the same size as the finished size so you get the proportions of type correct.
  • Keep visibility in mind. Too many words and small type size can’t be read at a distance – especially when someone is driving by.
  • Choose the right colours to standout from other candidate’s signs, real estate and lawn signs.
  • Unusual colours can be more memorable but may not be visible at a distance.

Qwik Print produces direct to coroplast signs for elections. The printing is actually right on the plastic and rendering in 4-colour so it is suitable for both type and photos.

The standard sizes for election signs are 24 x 18”, 32 x 24”, 36 x 24” and 48 x 36” but can be cut produced in any size up to 48 x 48”. The thickness of the coroplast material determines the durability of the size and is available in 4-mil, 6-mil and 8-mil. For small election signs, 4-mil is the most popular.

If you are planning to use H stakes, the lightweight wire stands, be sure to specify vertical flutes when you order.


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