Labels – Angelic Rose Creations

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Qwik Print recently designed and printed labels for Angelic Rose Creations, a line of facial beauty products developed locally by Renee Wilkinson. The labels for these containers were printed on a waterproof vinyl material and die-cut to custom sizes.

Three products – facial balm, toner and serum.

This is how she describes her products.

Angelic Rose Creations was created by researching for facial products that made my skin look visibly younger, rejuvenated, and radient.  My products are made with organic and natural ingredients .  I have used the best possible ingedients formulating these products , such as, Sacha Inchi organic and Rosehip organic to name a few.  I have a deep passion for the rejuvenation power of carrier oils and essential oils.

Angelic Rose Creations products can be purchased by reaching Renee by email

Labels are necessary for any product you sell and in addition to providing required product ingredient information, can have an impact on sales. Type needs to be clear, especially when the label is small and cannot be less than 6 PT. Fitting all that information onto a small container label can be a challenge. It is advisable to create multiple versions before you commit to a single design. Be sure to write out all of the text material that needs to be included on the label, including your contact information.

Qwik Print produces laser-printed labels on flat sheets and press-printed labels in quantities from 50 – 50,000. Check out our label options.


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