Qwik Print Offers Vinyl, Magnetic & Synthetic

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Qwik Print print adds some new non-paper materials to the list. These materials are available in 12 x 18 sheets and can be printed full-size or multiple images per page and cut down to size – a very cost-effective solution to other printing methods.


Magnetic materials come in two weights and are actually vinyl laminated to a magnetic back so they can adhere to any ferrous surface (not aluminum or other non-iron based materials), fridges, file cabinets and metal doors. They are commonly used for calendars, reminders and advertising pieces.

Transparent and Semi-transparent Vinyls

These materials are commonly used for labels and stickers for placement in windows where transparency is required. Ranging from completely transparent to semi-transparent (called frosty) they offer a variety of adhesive options: permanent, removable, ultra-removable and cling. The latter uses no adhesive, just static to hold it in place and is only suitable for use on windows.

Opaque Vinyl

Opaque vinyl (white) can be printed in full-colour and is available in the same range of adhesive options as transparents. The applications range from small-format signs, service/repair tags, bumper stickers and promotional items.

Synthetic Paper

Synthetic paper is a polyester material that is waterproof, tear-proof and highly resistant to wear and stains, in fact you can wash it off. The surface is matte but printing can enhance the gloss finish. Stock weight is similar to 24-lb bond and has bright-white neutral colour. It takes colour exceptionally well. Synthetic paper can be printed or photocopied.

Best applications for this are maps and diagrams, service manuals and product information sheets – any application requiring repeated use with high wear-resitance or places where paper can’t go.

These non-paper materials are printed on our digital press on 12 x 18″ sheets can be trimmed down to any size or die-cut in any shape. This method is more economical than printing on large-format devices, especially for large quantities. The 4-colour printing process is fast and uses heat-fused colour for permanence and durability. Printed items are colour-fast, can be used indoors and out with or without lamination.

Polyester/Waterproof Paper

Polyester/Synthetic paper is both waterproof and tear proof.

Angry bees printed on magnetic material and die-cut.


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