Elizabeth Sander – Landscape Artist

Elizabeth Sander is an Owen Sound area landscape artist. Her oil paintings include windswept Georgian Bay shorelines, rugged wilderness and more delicate studies of flora. Her series of water-lily studies contain an abstract element which allows them to be appreciated simply on the basis of color and form. Elizabeth maintains a studio/gallery space just north of the city and is open by appointment. She has a wide selection of pieces that are the result of 20 years of work as an artist.

Diamond Steel Roofing – MW Simpson Contracting

MW Simpson Contracting  manufactures and installs steel roofing. Their product is called Diamond Steel Roofing and gets its name from its diamond-shaped tiles. The tiles have a unique interlocking system that makes it efficient to install and extremely durable – an estimated 50 year lifespan and come in a variety of colors and can be used to create unusual patterns.

Heidi Berger – Artist’s Catalogue

Heidi Berger is an Owen Sound artist who has traveled the world in search of her subject matter. Her unique mixed-media works on paper and canvas are evocative of the places that she has visited and people she has met – both young and old. Her straight on head and shoulder studies are less formal than traditional portraits and like the compositions of people involved in everyday activities they have a transitory feel, as if these are fleeting moments in their lives.

Making Print Interactive

QR Codes can turn a printed brochure into an interactive advertising piece that sends additional traffic to your web site,

Trans-Promo Marketing

Turn invoices into unique selling opportunities for your business.

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