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MW Simpson Contracting  manufactures and installs steel roofing. Their product is called Diamond Steel Roofing and gets its name from its diamond-shaped tiles. The tiles have a unique interlocking system that makes it efficient to install and extremely durable – an estimated 50 year lifespan and come in a variety of colors and can be used to create unusual patterns.

Diamond Steel Roofing has a classic look that harkens back to turn-of-the-century styles – it is well-suited to older homes. The former Christian Science church located on 1st Avenue West has a Diamond Steel Roof installed this past fall. The grey-coloured tiles are accented by diamond patterns in blue and red making it very attention-getting.

MW Simpson is expanding its market in the Grey-Bruce region and has chosen to do so through direct mail and limited newspaper advertising. This is unique product and therefore should be targeted to a select market that can appreciate this type of premium product.

For this client we designed a 5 x 8”, two-sided, four-color mailing piece printed on a 12 pt stock with a gloss finish. We also handled the distribution through Canada Post to select neighborhoods in Owen Sound and the surrounding area.

This is a very popular style of mailer because it allows room for a considerable amount of text and/or photos or graphics. Typically, these mailers will include an address box area where the label can be attached and are also commonly sent using unaddressed mail. The gloss finish makes these items very durable and long-lasting.

For more information about MW Simpson and diamond steel roofing visit: www.diamondroof.on.ca.


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