Stained Glass Panels for City Hall

Posted on | September 17, 2010 | Comments Off on Stained Glass Panels for City Hall

We have recently created a set of 16 “stained glass” panels based on Tom Thomson paintings. In fact, they are digitally printed reproductions of Thomson paintings printed on transparent lexan which allows the light to shine through. The panels are 45” x 25” making them much larger than the original paintings.

Displaying stained glass panels

Gallery Director Virgina Eichhorn, Terry Welton and Mayor Ruth Lovell-Stanners view stained glass panel.

The panels are to be placed in the skylight windows that surround the ceiling of the City of Owen Sound council chambers. The project was initiated by Virginia Eichhorn director of the Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery and supported by Owen Sound mayor Ruth Lovell-Stanners. The paintings are in the collection of the art gallery.

It is hoped that the panels will bring attention to the many fine works in the gallery collection and become a visitor attraction. Using the paintings as an architectural detail is a new way to place the collection in the public eye.

Art gallery employee Kris Rosar and Maeve McCambridge of The Technology Centre prepared images for printing.


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